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GIVE Online

God influences the world through His people. He gives to us so He can give through us. The Bible tells us that everything we have is a gift from God (1 Chronicles 29:14). As you give both faithfully and willingly, the world is changed for the glory of God: the gospel is preached, lives are touched, people are fed, bodies are healed, churches are built; and you, in turn, are blessed by God so that you can give again.

Everything you donate is tax-deductible, and will be completely used to further what God is currently doing through our ministry locally and around the world.

Text giving on mobile device

Text “give” to 832-780-2445 OR Scan QR code. Follow the instructions. 

Once you’re in, save the number to your contacts as “Church Giving” or something similar. 

To give again, just text an amount to the same number. 

For general giving, just text the amount. For tithes giving, 

text amount and the word tithes after it (ex. $250 tithes). 


Check out the FAQ below for more info.

Give by Mail

Make Payable to: The Sanctuary of Houston

The Sanctuary of Houston

P.O. Box 8708

Houston, Texas 77249

Text Give FAQ

Is my credit / debit card information secure?
Yes. All sensitive financial information is stored with bank level security. All information is encrypted and stored by our banking partner to Level 1 PCI compliant standards. Level 1 PCI compliance is a set of rules stated by credit card companies and audited by an independent third party, Level 1 PCI is the highest possible rating. Additionally all transmission to our banking partner and on our site is via an encrypted HTTPS connection.

How will my phone number be used?
Your phone number is used only to make donating as easy as possible. It will never be sold, traded, or given out. You will only receive text messages to confirm your donations.

How will I know when my credit card is charged?
Anytime your card is charged you will receive both an email and a text message confirmation.

What if I accidentally type the wrong amount?

When you make a donation, you will receive a text confirmation that re-states the amount given. If you made a mistake in typing you can respond with the word “refund” within the first 15 minutes and your credit or debit card will not be charged. After 15 minutes you can contact our text giving partner, Kindred, at sayhello@kindrid.com and they will issue a refund for you.

What is the phone number I text and whose is it?

The phone number you are texting is a secure number that belongs to The Sanctuary of Houston. It is used exclusively for this purpose.

What is Kindrid?
Kindrid is a non-profit organization dedicated to making giving easier. We decided to partner with Kindrid to process our text giving donations.

I just got a new card or what do I do if I want to change my card?
If your card has been cancelled or you got a new card, your donation will be declined. Type the word "Edit" and you will receive a text back with a new link to input your new credit card information. If your card is still working but you would like to change it you can contact support@kindrid.com. We will delete your existing payment option and upon your next donation you will be prompted to enter a new card number.

Can a giver edit their information?
Yes. A giver can edit their information, switch out payment sources, and view their giving history by texting the word EDIT to your churches giving number.

How do I unlink my smartphone from text giving?
If you wish close your account or change your phone number please email support@kindrid.com

Does text giving get tracked in my contribution history for my tax receipt?

Does it cost me anything?
There is no charge for you to make a donation. Standard data and messaging rates apply to your usage.

Is it case sensitive? Do I have to put a $ symbol?
No! It will work as 100 or $100 or $100.00 or 100.00 etc. Also there is nothing that is case sensitive.