Prodigal: this is your church

We not only reach out to all people but especially to everyone who has ever been a part of His church. You are considered family. As in all families there are special times to laugh, rejoice and even cry with each other. A family will also grieve when one of its members has been hurt or estranged. It’s the same way here at this church!

We do not condemn or judge you for anything you have done or are doing. We just want you to come home, and let’s see what Jesus will do in your life. Jesus considered humanity so important that He died for all of us. We could never discount one single soul because of the awesome price that was paid on Calvary. This was done by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on behalf of everyone.

On behalf of the members of the Sanctuary of Houston, pastor, and staff, please join us in giving you a personal invitation to “Come Home”. We have booklet that we would like for you to read that is written just for you. 

Please Click Here to view.