We are passionate about showing you who Jesus is. Whether it is in our own neighborhood or across the globe, we can tangibly express His love for humanity through our outreach projects. Join us as we extend our mission beyond our walls and share the love of Jesus in our local and global community.

  • Bus Ministry

    a great tool to bring our community to church and present them with the Gospel that otherwise would not have had the opportunity! Call us!

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  • Vacation Bible School

    a summer program held for 3 days in the summer. Ages 4-11

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  • Operation Back Pack

    provide a backpack that is loaded with all the school supplies needed

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  • Fall Festival

    Annually in the fall

    Open to the community

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There are many opportunities to serve. If you are ready to be involved, it’s vital that you get plugged in where God has gifted you for service within the church, the community and beyond. It’s easy to be involved, and you’ll love the way God will use you as you serve Him. We have many ministries here at The Sanctuary of Houston! Whether you are married or single, a man or woman of any age, student or a child, we have something for YOU! Find a way to connect, serve, and grow! If you are interested in being a part of our team, please click below today!

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